Have The Dolphins Improved Enough
by Larry Turner

Have The Dolphins Improved Enough

The Dolphins can still become active participants in the post-draft trading market, but as of this writing it would appear that the team is content to stand pat on what seems to be last year’s roster.

Sure, the powers-that-be added depth on the defensive side of the ball, with the drafting of linebacker Chop Robinson and pass rusher Mohamed Kamara, but the offense received little help with the possible exception of offensive lineman Patrick Paul, who probably needs a year or so of seasoning before becoming a valued contributor. Other than that, the offense added a fast running back and a couple of speedy wide receivers to provide depth to that flashy segment of the team.

If these additions are the principal roster changes, the team’s results next season may also mirror those of last season too.

My pet peeve about this result is that management for years has relied on a “good enough” offensive line, that is until one or more linemen get banged up or are relegated to the sidelines for a good chunk of the season to heal their injuries. That leaves the team with a rather shaky offensive line and a quarterback spending too much game time running for his life.

All this conjecture about the roster is good Happy Hour conversation, but as of this writing there has been no definitive decision announced about the quarterback position, although we would be dumbfounded if Tua did not receive a comfortable contract extension and return to race downfield against all competition, mixing passes to its fleet corps of wide receivers with slashing runs by a bevy of strong, explosive running backs.

I guess the bottom line is that the coming season should be interesting but probably not much more productive than the one just concluded. It should be interesting and at times exciting.

Photography Courtesy Of The Miami Dolphins