November – December 2022 Issue


Giving Back
Post Hurricane Ian

by William J. Gallo


Holiday Planning
And Sharing

by Roberta B. Turner


It’s All About
How You (Don’t)
Look At It

by Frederick R. MacLean


Are You Ready
For 2023

by Roberta B. Turner


This November is mid-term election time, and this time the outcome may decide more than a few races for political positions. It may decide the course of our country for some time to come, or perhaps even the future of the world as we know it. (more)

Maybe you just got into a good routine with healthy eating and movement. Maybe you have been telling yourself you are going to start “next Monday” for a year. Regardless of where you are on your health journey, a change in routine is inevitable for most of us during the holidays. (more)

Okay, fishing right now is more than red hot. This is the time of year we have our bait migrations that make all the fishing better. If you are out along the beach or surf, I am sure you will see very large schools of bait fish headed south. (more)