September – October 2022 Issue


The endless options of vitamin supplements available and on the market can be overwhelming. Do we need to take vitamin supplements? Are vitamin supplements beneficial for our health? Which ones really work? Are they worth the money? (more)

We have touched on this subject before, but the voters don’t seem to have taken notice or they are just too comfortable to feel threatened. The problem was brought into focus recently when a store clerk was attacked by a customer and then charged with the attacker’s murder when the clerk defended his life while the girlfriend of the attacker was herself also attacking the clerk. (more)

This bakery offers more than pastries if you love fresh bread, quiches, salads and an excellent selection of sandwiches. Coffee lovers will want to flock to Pascal & Cathy’s for the incredible choice of beverages. It isn’t often where you can choose to sip on a Macchiato, Cortadito, Latte and Cappuccino. They also offer catering services and I plan to use them in the near future. Everything I have tried so far has been incredibly delicious. (more)