November – December 2021 Issue

The Annual Holiday Season Has Come Full Circle
The Annual Holiday Season Has Come
Full Circle

by Larry Turner

The Scoop
The Scoop

by René Mahfood
& Larry Turner

Where Else Can You Live
Where Else
Can You Live

by Roberta B. Turner

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It was hard enough to plan in 2020 during the pandemic and it was also challenging this year. But now is the time to develop marketing strategies for the new year. And it may be time to add experts to your team. So, our team has been researching and brainstorming what to plan on for 2022. Here are some of the marketing trends we think will shape 2022. (more)

Both before and after the height of the current pandemic, my wife and I frequented area restaurants practically every night. Even when we all practiced social distancing to a tee, we had certain restaurants where we felt safe dining there because of how they positioned the tables and whether face coverings were required. (more)

Gift Giving Ideas To Consider
by Roberta B. Turner

Now is the time to plan your gift-giving for the holiday season. If you listen to the news, we have been hearing that there will be a shortage of everything, and it appears to be an attempt to panic the public. There are plenty of great ways to give your family and friends special gifts that will not go out of style. (more)