What If
by Larry Turner

There are always conspiracy theories about which foreign country is trying to infiltrate a rival nation to gain some financial or political victory.  Most of the time it has no merit.  But there are times when eyebrows are more than raised at the possibilities.

Consider this. China would love to become the most powerful country in the world and it has one cultural advantage in achieving its goal, i.e., its leaders consider “long range” to be decades rather than weeks. It plans for what it wants to achieve years in advance, long before its adversaries have any clue about what is going down.

Let’s pursue that a little further. As we have written here before, there have never been so many oriental actors on TV shows and in feature movies as there are this generation. One theory is that the Chinese deem this an effective way to make Americans comfortable with their culture in a very subtle way.  After a while, no one will notice if Orientals are on school boards, corporate boards, campaigns for political offices, and so on.

One way to weaken an opponent is to inflict disease on its society to the point that its base of workers, military, politicians and others is weakened to the point that they are ineffective individually and as a group. They become difficult to organize to stand up to the intrusion of any form of enemy. Might this have anything to do with the basic virus giving rise to the recent pandemic that is alleged to have been created in China? And shortly after its birth the government hosted an international event after which the thousands of attendees returned to their native countries, including the United States.  Was that planned?

It is also alleged that social media sites like Tik Tok are controlled by the Chinese government and that the structure of the site permits its handlers to gather information from its users about important aspects of their lives, which has great educational value to someone planning an eventual “invasion” of the users’ country, financially, politically, and perhaps militarily.

There was a recent report by a government agency analyzing the security of the country’s electrical substations throughout the country. One researcher estimated that disabling no more than 25 of these installations could bring the entire electrical substructure of the nation to its knees.  How better to shut down a country as an enemy launches an attack on its independence.

A few years ago, the White House in its ultimate wisdom decided to encourage the manufacture of various electronic devices overseas and, in many cases, in China.  The result is that the deli-very of essential pieces of various commercial and military equipment can be stopped instantly should the Chinese choose to do so. Brilliant Washington strategy!

China’s role in the Ukraine War is also interesting.  China is a close ally of Russia but has chosen not to assist it directly in this fight.  Could the reason be that China is going to school on American military equipment and strategy while relishing in how much equipment is being destroyed in that conflict, never to be used again against any enemy, including China, should the need arise to do so.

There was also a time during the 2022 holidays when commercial airlines had to curtail thousands  of flights because of some defect in their outdated computer systems. That certainly would be helpful to invaders if the target population was unable to flee the safety of their homes because no flights were available.

More recently there have been reports that the Penn Biden Foundation at the University of  Pennsylvania has been funded in large part by the Chinese government or Chinese interests, perhaps in an effort to compromise the founders’ policies in regard to China.  I believe one of the executives of that foundation was appointed ambassador to one of our European allies.  Did that just happen by chance or was their an underlying goal in becoming imbedded with one of our leading Universities?

Are all these bits and pieces of information accurate?  And, even if they are, do they really add up to anything?  Can we simply call them coincidences?  Maybe so, maybe not.

I have to go now.  My favorite movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is about to begin.