Lies Don’t Lie
by Larry Turner

I have honestly made a concerted effort to avoid writing about topics that ring of negativity but excuse me one more time because the facts are in such abundance that I could not ignore the issue.

I was scrolling through the usual media news platforms the other day and several stories resonated with me as touching on the same illness that exists in our society today.

The first was a retrospective about our national health and how Dr. Fauci had warned the population to mask-up or suffer the consequences. Fast forward and the dreaded disease is no more than the common cold or a weak flu. But there are tons of footage of Fauci telling us the dire consequences if we didn’t heed his warnings. He knew he was lying as everyone else came to know in short order. It makes you wonder his personal, financial reason for touting the masks and vaccines.

Then came the Congressional investigative report about Representative George Santos, the Republican from New York. The report appeared to confirm that almost every fact Santos uttered about himself to Congress and to the public was false. Even when cornered, he continued to lie about himself. I would like to say that, to his credit, he has agreed not to seek re-election, but his sincerity would be better received if he stepped down from his seat immediately.

One article about sports appeared that truly shocked me. Apparently one of the sideline reporters was caught making up reports about participants simply to garner air time so she could be seen and accorded regional if not national appearances to report these made-up incidents.

Most news platforms reluctantly covered the Congressional effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The effort failed for a variety of reasons, but it caused my brain to flash back to his frequent press conferences during which he confirmed to all the world that our borders were safe and secure. All the while, on a split screen the news platform broadcast reams of film showing illegal immigrants streaming across our borders at multiple locations without so much as a nod from the visible border patrol agents.

A couple of more examples of the paucity of truth in today’s society. We have all read about, and most of us have experienced, the new unsupervised check-out systems at local supermarkets and drug stores. Recently those stores have been reporting how many of those exit stations have been shut down and are in the process of being removed. Why? Because so many shoppers were sneaking many purchases past the register, effectively lying about their purchases to save a few bucks.

Finally, like most interested Americans I read the daily accounts of the wars ongoing in Ukraine and Gaza. Every story claims a victory followed by an update that lays bare the truth of what actually happened. As a result, it may only be our government, and I say “may,” that is cognizant of the truth because in many instances the actual truth may not be known to anyone.

There are many other stories of lies to be told, but I will restrain my longing to repeat some of the statements from press conferences of members of the White House and agents of governmental departments, but the evidence already exists beyond a reasonable doubt.

The bottom line is that the new truth is a lie.

Let that one sink in for a bit.