It May Be A Fish Story But There Is No Winning Catch This Season
by Larry Turner

It May Be A Fish Story But There Is No Winning Catch This Season

The Dolphins have made changes in the composition of this year’s team, but at this writing The Light Magazine will be at the printer before the April 25-27 draft and we will miss any player additions resulting from that. So, at best, our analysis of any changes will of necessity be incomplete.

The consensus among pro-football pundits seems to be that the Dolphins appear to be shedding expensive players to stash that money away to fund a playoff contender another day, perhaps next year or even the next year. That is disappointing to this writer and, from what we read, to many others as well, and certainly to Dolfans.

What is left is a team with many of the same holes as have been identified in the past, i.e., a weak offensive line and a weakened defensive line after losing Wilkins and Davis. Those holes are two sure reasons that this will not be a playoff year.

In fairness, we must note the signing of two versatile offensive linemen, Isaiah Wynn and Jack Driscoll, but other teams passed on them for some reason, so they alone are not the solution to one of the team’s problems though both acquisitions are positive moves by the team.

We will still be amazed and disappointed by our quarterback as well as by nearly the same running backs and wide receivers. But those highs and lows will not be enough to dominate other teams offensively.

There is still time for management to make additions after this writing and before the offseason concludes, but our emotions will be on hold until the stash of cash garnered from the departure of several high-priced players is used to fund a winner for several seasons to come.

Photography Courtesy Of The Miami Dolphins