Do You See The Difference
by Larry Turner

In the past, I have written about how we have perceived that individuals from foreign cultures, perhaps through their governments, have infiltrated our society by introducing more and more of their constituents to Americans through TV commercials and their inclusion in more and more TV and movie scripts. Examples started with African Americans, then Hispanics and, more recently, people of oriental backgrounds. What’s next? Watch closely how more and more advertising now includes people, particularly women, who are overweight.  It used to be that only the fit were chosen for these ads; no more, the larger you are the better, it would seem.

There are similar, more visible, situations in all our lives. Take the real estate market for example. For several years we read reports about how certain northern and western metropolitan areas have fallen into disrepair and despair. Residents accepted that for a short time, but once it became an unchangeable reality, the trickle of residents departing to other zip codes in Arizona, Texas and Florida began to grow into a swollen stream.  The result was that real estate, especially housing, in the “desirable” areas became in great demand, causing mid-priced houses to become overpriced overnight. Those smart enough to sense this scenario coming purchased the middle-of-the-road houses and did better than well financially.

Why do we, or I, seem to dwell from time to time on such matters? Simply put, it is an effort to make people aware of what might be happening around them without their knowledge or consent. The theory is that the more you see something, or witness someone, different than you, the more likely it is that you will accept them as normal in your life. Some people are ignorant or simply don’t care.  If we are successful in bringing one such situation to someone’s attention, we would feel a great deal of satisfaction. If we cannot reach others, our country is in for a catastrophic era.

Finally, I have broached the following question several times but have not received a comfortable answer: What office in Washington, D.C. is tasked with the responsibility of contacting all mass media outlets, movie production companies, ad agencies, hosts of news and other broadcasts, etc. and instructing them to follow a directive of the White House regarding the use of various differences in their productions or the use of specific words and phrases in their dialogues? This would appear to be an enormous job, but no one to my knowledge has even floated the question or even the remote possibility that such and office exists. But mark my word. It is no coincidence and someone with great standing in Washington, D.C. is in charge of this task.