July – August 2021 Issue

Is Inflation Making A Comeback
Is Inflation Making A Comeback

by Frederick R. MacLean

Getting To Know Governor Ron DeSantis
Getting To Know
Ron DeSantis

by Larry Turner

The Fashion Collection 2021
The Fashion
Collection 2021

by Rene Mahfood

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James Robert Dunn, Co-Founder of J.R. Dunn Jewelers in Lighthouse Point, and philanthropist in the South Florida community, passed away on May 21, 2021, at the age of 78. His remarkable story began in Braintree, Massachusetts where he lived with his parents, Catherine and George, and his brother, Donald. Jim lost his Dad when he was seven years old. This left his mother having to work double shifts as a visiting nurse to put food on the table. (more)

This article is about trying new refreshing cocktails. I am mostly a wine drinker but occasionally I will have a margarita. So, for me to try new and different cocktails was a really interesting experience. The first thing I did was review some of my favorite restaurants online to see which ones actually featured signature cocktails and, to my surprise, four of my favorites did. (more)

Giving Back
Monica McAfee

by William J. Gallo

I am honored to write about Monica McAfee, a recent Florida transplant, and a person who has yet to be the focus of the usual high-profile societal publications. In fact, she has been able to remain below the South Florida social radar screen, and for good reason. Monica is literally too busy quietly changing the face of our community. In essence, she is the quintessential role model of what most women strive to become. (more)