YWCA South Florida And Miami Dolphins Football Unites™ Announce Free Community-Wide Racial Equity And Social Justice Challenge

YWCA South Florida, alongside present-ing partner Football UNITES™, a program of the Miami Dolphins, launched the third annual community-wide Stand Against Racism Challenge. With YWCA USA and more than 220 other YWCAs around the country, YWCA South Florida aims to spark conversations and inspire action by educating individuals and local businesses on ways to address racial and social injustices. “At YWCA, we are unrelenting in our mission to grow a community of learners and to make South Florida the country’s most inclusive and equitable community,” says Kerry-Ann Royes, YWCA South Florida’s president and CEO. “It is an honor to have the Miami Dolphins partnering with us through their Football UNITES program. Our partnership was a natural fit as we both strive to create a more inclusive South Florida.”  Based on the premise that it takes 21 days to build a habit, YWCA has structured its Stand Against Racism Challenge as a 21-day virtual learning challenge. The purpose of the experience is to help participants develop effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with race, power and leadership. YWCA’s web and app-based platform creates a safe space each day for participants to learn, grow, listen, and discuss the deep-seated issues of systemic racism and inequities plaguing communities of color. The ultimate goal is to encourage action, so pushing to end racial and social injustices becomes a habit.  The Stand Against Racism Challenge is a national movement with YWCA South Florida’s participation being the largest social justice collective learning experience in Florida. YWCA South Florida encourages locals to take the challenge and examine how racism and bias impact their lives and communities.  “YWCA’s Stand Against Racism Challenge allows everyone involved to look within and decide how they can stand up for equity and social justice in tangible ways,” says Jason Jenkins, senior vice president of communications and community affairs for the Dolphins and a YWCA board member. “Through our Football UNITES program, we look for community organizations that align with our mission to create positive impact in our community. Stand Against Racism allows us all to take that journey together.”