Raising Taxes Can Change Things
by Larry Turner

My words are somewhat with tongue in cheek, but some are spot-on.

If taxes are raised, many businesses will have to discharge workers because their margins will shrink under the additional tax burden.  If that were to happen, those who lose their jobs will not have enough money to pay their mortgages or rents.  Congress undoubtedly will enact legislation to suspend evictions much the same as localities did during the early stages of COVID-19. Of course, landlords and banks will suffer the loss of income as a result of this, and the domino effect will continue unabated.

Higher unemployment will give birth to more need for welfare funds to feed those who cannot take care of themselves, either as to food or healthcare.

The bottom line is that some people will be able to stay in their homes at no cost, with their meals purchased with food stamps.

And free clinics will make sure we live long lives so we can suck on the public dole as long as possible.  That will provide more time for leisure activities and enjoying our beautiful beaches.

Who’s going to finance all this?  Our large corporations, of course, who will be unable to sustain profitability under this new tax load and, ultimately, will have to sell.  And, who will be in a position to bail them out?  China, of course.  That country’s goal is to control the world and we will be helping them fulfill that mission.

So, lean back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the possibilities of what this country could be facing.