First The Coronavirus Then The 60-Game Baseball Season
by Larry Turner

The 60-game Major League Baseball schedule ordained for this season by baseball’s owners is not what the doctor ordered for the Miami Marlins. 

A short season benefits mature teams with proven power and solid starting pitching. That does not describe the Marlins who are young and re-building with positions yet to be decided and pitching yet to be tested.

With this shortened drive to the playoffs, I don’t foresee watching them compete as one of the 16-teams entering the playoffs scheduled for October.

The worst effect of this structure on the Marlins is they won’t have a full season to determine whether the young players from last year would continue to perform at a high level during an entire season.  That learning would have been invaluable to management in crafting the team for the future when, we hope, the world will return to some level of normal.  That may make this season a waste for the team; or, a few players may far exceed expectations for the entire “season” and lead the team into the playoffs.  That’s probably not going to happen, but in this type of situation, anything is possible.