Does Anyone In D.C. Have A Master Plan
by Larry Turner

When most of us want to build a house, we hire an architect to draw up the plans for our view of what the new house should look like and how it should function.  It becomes the master plan that will be followed in constructing and finishing the structure.

Everything in life that is remotely complicated requires a master plan so that the result is exactly what we want.  So why doesn’t this approach apply to the politicians in Washington, D.C. on both sides of the isle?  Why does it seem that we are flying by the seats of our pants?

At a time when the pandemic has challenged the strength of our economy and the fabric of our society, it seems that all Congress can accomplish is to abolish jobs and generate more costs for the everyday citizen. 

Instead of protecting American jobs, we are opening the borders to workers who will bid for every low-paying job that exists and is now held largely by minority segments of our population. It will also result in increased taxes because someone, namely us, will have to pay for those pouring across our borders.  Then the edict is given to “transition” out of the oil industry which provides jobs for millions of Americans.  More jobs lost.  And, finally, a majority of our politicians in D.C. appear to favor an across-the-board increase in the minimum wage.  Sure, everyone wants to make more money but everything has a price, and in this case it’s the mom and pop stores that will not be able to pay increased wages to employees and will either have to close their doors or eliminate their employees.  Jobs lost again.

Simultaneous with this scenario unfolding, there is the unavoidable reaction to these actions which is one of fear.  And, this fear is causing the markets to stumble, interest rates to rise, and politicians to search for new ways to pay for the new “occupants,” replace the energy lost from shutting down the flow of oil, and create new work opportunities for those who could no longer afford to keep their businesses open.

How does any of this help Americans or the United States of America?  No one party or group is responsible for this sad state of affairs, but someone better start crafting a master plan that causes us to improve and move forward rather than cause a train wreck of our economy and our society.