Already Looking Forward To The Heat’s Next Season
by Larry Turner

Okay, let’s begin by agreeing to forget about the Championship Finals.  Los Angeles has a better team, deeper in talent than the Heat, and they have LeBron and AD.  Faced with this level of talent, the last thing the Heat needed was to be bitten by the injury bug.

But not winning the Championship does not diminish the exceptional season the team had. Bam came into his own, Butler and Dragic poured in the points and set up their teammates, Herro lived up to his name, and the balance of the team did their jobs selflessly.

If there was a disappointment, it was Robinson early in the playoffs.  Prior to that, he was having a tremendous season, pouring in threes from all over the court.  Perhaps he was hurt in the playoffs, which was not reported to my knowledge, or maybe he was consumed by the pressure. The team really needed his contribution in the post-season games but did not get it for some reason until the final couple of games.

With the success of this season under its belt, management will try to add more bulk and talent to an already good team and make it even better and more competitive for next year.

It would also benefit the team if it eliminated its penchant for getting behind its opponents early in the games.  This leads to having to give extraordinary effort late in the contests, which is fatiguing and puts enormous pressure on the top players.  A more even effort would produce just as good results but relieve the team of tons of pressure.

All in all, it was a good season and bodes well for the future.  Riles needs to reach into his sac of magic dust and pull some additional talent out from the draft or trades to step up another level and be able to compete with teams like LA.